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Chris Winder, Neill H. Stacey Occupational Toxicology, Second EditionFeatures
  • Provides an overview of the effects of chemicals on target tissues commonly affected by workplace exposure
  • Outlines toxic agents most often associated with occupational diseases
  • Examines the management of chemicals in the workplace and the practical use of toxicological information
  • Explores genotoxicology and carcinogenesis in response to concern about cancer-related effects of chemicals

Summary Hazardous agents are an ongoing concern in the modern workplace, with many examples of workers being severely affected by chemicals as a result of both acute and chronic exposure.

Occupational Toxicology, 2nd Edition introduces the basics of toxicology that underpin the application of toxicological information to the workplace environment. The book contains chapters on the most important workplace exposures such as metals, pesticides, solvents, plastics, gases, and particulate matter, as well as the organs likely to be affected. The lungs and the skin are given individual consideration as common sites of injury and disease caused by exposure to chemicals. Genotoxicity and cancer are also singled out for particular attention due to ongoing concern about cancer-related effects of chemicals.

Important fields interfacing with occupational toxicology - hygiene, epidemiology, and occupational medicine - are also covered to assist the reader in understanding the necessity of cross-discipline considerations in dealing with workplace exposures. This practical approach makes this book particularly valuable to students of toxicology as well as to occupational health and safety professionals at all levels.

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