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Structural Health Monitoring by Detection of Abrupt Changes in Response Using Wavelets: Application to a 6-story RC Building Damaged by an EarthquakeA signal processing method for structural health
monitoring is applied to detect damage in the
former Imperial County Services (ICS) Building,
caused by the 1979 Imperial Valley earthquake in
southern California. The building response was
recorded by a 13-chanel array of accelerometers,
and a description of the distribution of the damage
throughout the structure is available. The method
is based on detecting abrupt changes in the seismic
vibration response by analysis of the finest detail
coefficients of a wavelet basis expansion of the
recorded response. This method has been
previously proven to work for numerically
simulated response of simple models with
postulated damage, but not for real earthquake
data. The analysis in this paper critically examines
the capabilities of this method to detect damage in
real data. The analysis shows that most of the
detected prominent abrupt changes are consistent
with the spatial distribution and severity of the
reported damage. Other less prominent abrupt
changes can be explained by high frequency
energy pulses of the input motion that propagated
through the building. There are also few
prominent abrupt changes that remain unexplained
at this time. It is concluded that this method could
provide useful information for structural health
monitoring and for understanding the seismic
response of structures and the occurrence of
damage. Further investigations are needed of the

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